Our Story & The Road Ahead

The Flyers Club was first thought of in late 2017 by our founder. There was an incident that took place between an airline and his brother which wasted a couple of hours and cost several hundred dollars. A change of flight should not be this difficult or expensive. The first goal of the Flyers Club was to enable a system where users can exchange flight tickets peer to peer using BlockChain Technology. This is still one of our main objectives but so much has changed from then to now.

In search of creating the largest travel group on the planet, we found some flaws in the travel industry. Fear and anxiety are the leading cause of vacationers choosing a popular crowded destination over 90% of the rest of the world. The lack of Country and Tour Guide profile was a main contributing factor.

We created the Guider Program to solve this problem. We created a social travel app to bring you closer to the action than any other social media out there. We created The ClubHouse for you to tailor your own vacation and meet people with a personality that matches yours.

The road ahead is wonderful

Our mission

“To create a world where anyone, anywhere can travel free of fear and anxiety, ultimately leading to the most memorable moments in life.”



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We will be servicing the entire world. No destination is off-limits.



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"The vision of worldwide unity, a group so powerful, a group that can change the world and it starts right here with the people who love to travel. Everywhere."

Vacationing tailor-made for you

Sean Dalipsingh


Headquartered in the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago