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We’re building the largest travel network in world. A place where tour professionals can recommend one another, interact and meet customers.

How does it work?


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Signing up is very easy as a partner. Submit verification. Approval in 48hrs


Add your services

List Tours, Vacation Rentals, Hotels, and any activity travelers may enjoy.


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We do all the heavy lifting while you can focus on providing the best experience for tourists.

Why be a Local Expert

Enjoyable Side Hustle.

Earn cash by doing the things you love!

Get the chance to know the world.

Share your culture. Learn a culture.

Expand your reach.

Tourism is a money-making market. From where visitors eat and party to the tours and rentals they choose.


How much do I work for?

You charge your price for whatever services you offer. Resorts, hotel rooms, tours and parties. We take the lowest commission on the market @ 12.5%.

What is The Guider Program?

The Guider program is only inherent within the Flyers Club brand. It is a verified Tour Operator profile across the Flyers Club Social Network. The program was designed to aid travelers in matching personalities with tour guides across the world. To simply put it “If you’re not a smoker why would you want to be around a smoker for days when you could have made a different choice so easily.”

Is there a service fee or booking fee?

Unfortunately yes. Payment providers and banks charge upwards of 4% plus an additional 0.50cents per transaction. We will absorb some of the cost.

Will there be additional services?

Users can request whatever services they would like to have on the platform.